Oral History Talk at the Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library Local and Family History presentation by Marian Pierre-LouisMarian Pierre-Louis will be presenting the talk “Family Research through Oral History for Less Documented Groups”  for the Local and Family History Series at the Boston Public Library on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 6:00pm EST. The Local and Family History Series is coordinated by the Social Sciences department at the library.

Not all families come from a place that is rich in genealogical documentation like New England. People with ancestry from countries such as Jamaica and Haiti struggle to piece their family history together. Through conversations with family members who are still living, oral history is a useful tool for rediscovering roots. In this talk, participants will learn how oral history can recapture family stories and kindle stronger bonds, particularly within immigrant communities.

The talk will be held in the Commonwealth Salon in the Johnson Building.